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    �This place was the centre of a great culture�. That�s how the Greek poet, J. Ritsos, describes the island of Samos. Its history and its monuments indicate that this is actually the case. Trade had flourished here, while the tobacco and tanning industry had been well known for years.
    The location of Samos contributed greatly to its development. It is situated at the Eastern Aegean sea, very close to the coast of Asia Minor, embraced by Ionia and approximately in the middle of the sea-route that links Greece with the East, the Black Sea with Egypt and with the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
    Great beasts, like the Megatherium, and other rare kinds of animals had lived in Samos during the prehistoric era. The palaeontological findings at the area of Mytilinii decorate the exhibition not only of the local museum, but of many others too, both in Greece and abroad.

Ch. Landros
Translated by Eftychia Landrou


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