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    The company of Water-Supply and Drainage was recently founded.
    So far it has been activated in the waste water treatment plant of Vathi.


    �Samian Market� is a municipal enterprise of the town of  Vathi. 

Samian Market up to 1999 was a purely municipal enterprise of the City of Samos.
Presently Samian Market activates in many segments in the area of development and the social sector, however it remains financially independent. Some of its� present projects include:
The purchase of a site near the bus station of Samos town, in order to construct a three-storey car park, thus contributing to the solution of the parking problem, which is a serious problem the city is facing. The site has already been acquired and the whole project is at the stage of the technical and economic investigation and the enrolment of the project in the governments� development law. There is also a plan for the relocation of the open grocery market, which presently operates next to the church of Agios Spyridonas, at the ground floor of the garage. 
As far as the touristic projection is concerned, Samian Market took the initiative for further projecting of our municipality. One of the specific actions taken was the leasing of a train that operates for a second consecutive year. This train is beloved both by our follow citizens and tourists because it offers the opportunity for a unique tour in Samos Town. Another action was the organization of several concerts of well-known artists covering a wide spectrum of music preferences. Samian Market organized two concerts in 2001 (Vasilis Lekkas and �Music Waves�) while 2002 included the concerts of Christos Nikolopoulos (2nd of August), of Claudia Del Mer (in 31st of August) and of Giannis Mitsias in September. Another artistic event organized was the theatrical performance of Giannis Morjos  and his theatrical company that took place in the theater of Agios Ioannis on the 28th of August.

    Moreover Samian Market is one of the basic financial contributors to the �Wine Festival� that takes place every summer. In addition to that, it coordinated the celebration of Easter 2002 which was broadcasted allover Greece by ET3.

    Yet another project Samian Market undertook is �Help at Home�. This program aims to providing medical care and social support to elder citizens both in cooperation with ���� and through visiting individuals that need some kind of help and support at their homes. Finally Samian Market accepted the proposal of materializing a similar project at the island of Fourni. 


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