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We contribute to the cultural development of our Municipality and in the promotion of local product s including the famous wines of Samos

We promote worthy local talents, groups and clubs which are involved in maintaining the music and traditions of Samos.

We try to bring happiness and smiles with entertainment which is missing so much in our times.

We are not satisfied with the mediocrities and old fashioned ideas of the past.

We are progressing with huge steps, with positive changes to make a new culture together, making good use of the potentials of our region without discrimination, but also making the most of opportunities offered in the European environment in which we live.








15th JULY                   PALAIOCASTRO

25th JULY                   NISI AGHIO PARASKEVI

26th & 27th JULY       KOKKARI

29th JULY                   AGHIOS KONSTANTINIOS










8.30 pm           OPENING

9.15pm            DANCING BY THE


The Samos section of the Lykeio Ellenidon was founded in 1936 by Angeliki Kapnia, as a branch of the Athens Lykeio Ellenidon which was founded in 1910.

The aims of the foundation are to maintain out national traditions. In its present form, the Samos branch continues to be ever present with presentations and performances where ever they are invited to attend be it in Samos or the rest of Greece.


10.30pm          THE ORCHESTRA OF



Rebetica and popular music

Kostas Tzemos, Despina Tsolaki




It was founded in 1996 by the journalist and writer Andreas Mazarakis with the star of the National Theater Themistoclis Sermie. At the same time the then Mayor of Athens Dimitris Avramopoulos placed the musical company under his auspices.

This polyphonic group fills a large gap in the presentation of Greek music with performances of the main Greek composers. For the last few years they have worked with the conductor Apollonas Kouskoumvekakis.



The tenor Konstantinos Tzesmos was born in Thesaloniki. He started his music studies with the soprano Varvara Tsampali. After studying in Greece and Italy he obtained his diploma with distinction. He continued with the tenor V. Hatzisimo, the soprano Meht. Stamataki and the baritone Them. Sermie.

As a soloist he has appeared in Greece and abroad interpreting religious music as well as the music of mainly modern composers.

He has appeared in operas, operettas, musicals and readings at the National Theater, the Theater of Salonica, the Theater of K. Dandoulaki and other theaters with producers such as Michali Kakogianni, C. Fortotira, G. Remoundo. He has worked with the National Orchestras of Athens and Salonica, the National Symphonic Orchestra of E.R.T. working alongside conductors Olaf Koch, C. Johns, C. Alisafis and G.Aravidis.



From a young age she was involved in the theater, dance and singing. She was picked out as a special talent by the Company of Macedonian Studies. In Italy she had lessons in theater, singing and dance at the Bologna Scula di teatro e di Cultura. This was at the same time as she was studying medicine. She took part in many productions by the Teatro Communale di Bologna.

She is involved professionally with classical song and musicals and has appeared in concerts in the Opera of Constantinople, in Dortmund in Germany, the theater Pallas and the Attico Theater. She has worked with Aliki Vougiouklaki, G. Marino and with the Lyriki Skini.

She has presented the children's' program �United Europe� on the National Television.. Recently she has been involved in the cultural presentations of the Municipality of Athens.


Director of the orchestra: Apollonas Kouskoumvakis

First Mandolins:            Michalis Sidiropoulos

            Antzela Vasilakopoulou

Second Mandolins:       Maria Spyratou

            Zorzeta Christodoulopoulou

Mandola:          Panagiotis Lampropoulos

Guitars:             Apollon Kouskoumvekakis

            Angelos Gavriil

Bass:                Antonis Papanagiotou




8.00pm            �KARAGIOZI�


9.45pm            DANCING BY THE


Founded in 1988 this club bears the nick name of the Samian fighter of the revolution of 1821, Konstantinos Fokou.

The main aims are the continuation of our culture and the care of young people.

The club has organized and taken part in numerous events, revivals of old customs of Samos (Samian Wedding, Klidonas etc.).

Performing traditional dances of Samos and the rest of Greece the club have taken part in similar events in many towns and cities throughout Greece as well as abroad.


11.00pm          THE ORCHESTRA OF


            �DION. LAVRAGAS�

            SERENADES - Sougioul, Moraki,      

            Attic, Giannidi



8.30pm            CHILDREN'S PROGRAMME






The dance section was founded in 2002 while the children's section was started in 2006.

The aims of the club are the study and presentation of popular and cultural traditions of dance from our village and our region, the protection and nomination of the traditional monuments, the encouragement of ecological practices by our members, the organization of a variety of educational, informational and entertainment events (fetes, excursions, dances etc) in cooperation with the residents and Local Government of the village.

The Association has taken part in numerous events in Vourliotes and other areas of Samos.


11.00pm          NEW WAVE CONCERT,

            Popi Asteriadou, Katie Homata

            Rena Koumioti,

            Takis Konstantakopoulos




8.30pm            PHILHARMONIC BAND OF


In 1945 Stefanos Katsikakis founded the new Philharmonic Band, and remained the leading musician until 1975. George Pothas took over the reins and taught young children to play in the band. Nikolas Varoumas directs the band today. It consists of 30 musicians and has 15 people who are in the process of learning instruments. The band performs at all religious, historic and cultural events as well as at National Celebrations. In the past they have performed in Rhodes, Cos, Leros and many other places.


9.45pm            ROCK CONCERT �FAETHON�

The band was formed in Samos in 2002.The present members of the band are:

Giannis Kondilis Drums

Pavlos Ioannidis Bass/guitar/ keyboards/vocals

Olina Gatsa vocals/guitar

Kostas Moschonas guitar/vocals

Type of music: Greek and foreign Rock

Highlights of the band's history are performances in: Ireon Rock Festival 2005 and 2006

Vertigo Bar, Escape Bar

Wine festivals in 2005 and 2006

The summer program for 2007 include performances in Varka music bar, Glocorisa Beach, Cafi del Mar (in Kalimno) and the Ireon Rock festival 2007.


11.00pm          ROCK CONCERT


Born and grew up in Karditsa. On completion of his music studies in Athens Tsaknis returned to his home town and taught at the local Odeon while also working on his own compositions. Besides his seventeen recordings (first prize at the Festival of Thessaloniki in 1984), he wrote music for films, television series as well as for theatrical productions (first prize for music for the theater in a competition for theatrical music in Ithaki 1984). His first written work was published in 1982 with the title�Ypo prothesmia�.

Recordings: 1982: �I Ballanda tou taxidioti�. 1985: �Kali akroasi� with Sophia Vossou, 1987: �To trito mati�, 1989: �Ftaine ta tragoudia�, 1990: �Fota parakalo!�, 1991; �Alitis kairos�, 1992: �Balamos�, 1993: �Itan i epi tas�, 1994: � To phantasma apo to parelthon�, � I nychta tha to pei� with Lavrenti Machairitsa, �To teleftaio antio�, 1996: �Ftiaxe kardia mou to diko sou paramythi�, 1999: �Me ti plati ston ticho�, 2000:�Paizontas me ta dio orchistres�, 2002: �Enas chimonas gia dio�', �Gefyres� with Kostas Tripoliti, 2003: �Mia zoi allou�.



The Dionysi Tsakas band:

Songs: Psychramis Apostolos, Psychrami Eirini, Psychrami Antigoni

Music: Stayropoulos Antonis - Bass Tsiroulis Andreas Keyboards Papalandrou Dimitris Drums Papachristopoulos Vangelis.






 8.30pm           MILITARY BAND

 9.45pm           CLOSING


11.30pm          CONCERT BY THE



            Petros Gaitanos, Vasilis Lekas

            Yiakinthi Lagou, Maria Zoi



The orchestra �Mikis Theodorakis� was founded in May 1997 by musicians who worked with Mikis Theodorakis and were familiar with his work. The first appearance of the orchestra was at the Theater Axoni in Glyfada in June 1997.

In the years since then the orchestra has made many appearances in Athens, the rest of Greece and abroad cooperating with famous and new performers. The orchestra has performed in theaters ( Irodeio, Ancient Olympia, Epidavros, Megaro Musikis in Athens and Thesaloniki), in sports fields and other open air events. They have given concerts abroad: in Georgia (Tiflida, Koutaisi'Vatoum), in South Africa (Pretoria)' in France (Paris), in Cyprus, in Australia (Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sidney), in South America and in China (Beijing). They have organized and taken part in many concerts in cooperation with symphonic orchestras, often under the direction of the composer.

The aim of the Orchestra is to promote the work of Miki Theodoraki in a variety of ways (concerts, a\live appearances, televised appearances, recordings etc.).

Equally important is the cooperation the Orchestra has with the organization �Doctors without borders�. The profits were donated to the children of Palestine. The Orchestra has also played in events supporting peace, the fight against racism and drugs, for those who have been imprisoned. Their aim is to make people aware of these social problems facing the world today.

The Orchestra �Mikis Theodorakis� is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture for which they are very grateful. This sponsorship proves the seriousness of their work and enables them to program concerts that promote Greek music and poetry.

Taking part:

Tatiana Papageorgiou, piano-Thanasis Vasilas, bouzouki-Giannis Matsoukas, bouzouki-Xenophon Symvoulidis, oboe and English horn-Georgios Skavaras, guitar-Mariliza Papadouri, violoncello-Lefteris Grivas, accordion-Teo Lazarou, bass-Nikos Kassavetis, drums-Iakinthi Lagiou, voice-Maria Zoi, voice



Petros Gaitanos was born in Drama. After many years of study he was awarded a degree in Byzantine and European Music by the Greek Odeon of Athens. He was appointed Artistic Director of the Foundation �Karipeion Melathron�. He has worked with great composers: Mikis Theodorakis, Giorgo Hatzinasio, Gianni Spano, Christos Nikolopoulo, Arleta, Dionysi Tsakni, Lavrenti Machairitsa and Panteli Thalassino. He has worked with Byzantine Church music as well as traditional Greek music.

Main works and recordings: �To Dilimma� (Spanoudakis), �Gialinos Dromeas� and � Se Proto Prosopo', � 4th Politeia � (M. Theodoraki), �Ora Enati� with hymns for Megali Evdomada (gold), �Ta Theia Pathi� (gold), �Eleftheres Thalasses�, Ageras, Erotas kai Armyra From the Black to the White sea� (gold), �Fos ek fotos� with hymns for Christmas, New Year and Theophania, �Psalo to Theo mou eos yparcho�, three discs in three languages, titled �Thalassa sto Tragoudi�, the proceeds of which were donated to the Association for sufferers of Mesogeiaki anemia in Thesaloniki, �Pigi tis Zois�, �San ta krya nera with traditional songs from Macedonia, �Pentikostaron�, :Aima kai Ydor�, �Oi ouranoi diigountai�.� Four CDs, �Anthei kai fere ki allo�, with traditional songs from Ponto. He sang the songs from the television series �Synora agapis� and �Sta ftera tou erota� (G. Hatzinasiou). He worked with the Regional Theater of Volos and Stavroupolis Thesaloniki on the productions �Ealo I Polis� in Volos and �Apo Theogonia stin Alosi tis Trapezountas� in Thessalonica, singing and acting in a small role. He took part in the production of the film �Orpheas kai Evrydiki�.

He has given hundreds of concerts in Greece, the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Israel, Europe, Asia and Cyprus.



Vassilis Lekkas first appeared on the music scene in 1980, singing work by Mano Hatzidakis, �I epoch tis Mellisanthis�, work which was the beginning of a long period of cooperation with the composer including eight discs, many concerts in Greece and abroad as well as theatrical productions.

In 1981 he took part in the disc Agones tragoudiou Kerkyra 1981 and 1982, he acts and sings in the theatrical piece �Pornografia� as well as performing on the disc of the same name. He has also worked with the composers: Miki Theodoraki (Astikiko Poulaki), Gianni Markopoulos (Atheatos Sfygmos, Ana-gennisi), Georgo Trantalidi (7 Isimerinoi, Mes' sti nychta), Mario Strfali and Andrea Thomopoulou (Krata ta logia mou gia filachto), Saki Papadimitriou (Tou krasiou kai tou Erota), Gianni Spatha (ta Syntoma oneira, Klassika eikonografimena, o Spinthiras). He has sung many often performed songs as well as other, older favorites. He has performed in theatrical productions, To Phantoma tis Aygis under the direction of V, Nikolaidi at the Theater �Minore�, and in work by Shakespeare with the Regional Theater of Kozani.






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